I lived a full life in bright classrooms full of sunlight.
Sometimes I had hard times studying nursing care and disease, practical training and recording. But I have learned a lot in a profound manner while supporting each other by classmates and by guidance of many people. In retrospect, the time flew by quickly.
I had an enjoyable student life full of joy and memories.
Even working in a ward (institution for severely-retarded children), seniors and instructors advised me one by one considerately. I increased my learning further and worked while nurturing view on nursing care day by day.
The environment allows us to provide nursing care to users while dealing with them openly. We move forward with users every day.
Kansai Nursing College has a favorable serene environment to study, surrounded by mountains and greenery blessed with four seasons. In class as many teachers explain clearly making all kinds of efforts, we can learn with a full understanding.
For practical training, as teachers are good advisers, we can work on with motivation. Also, solid support for national examination is available for the 3rd year students. We can study without any worry about taking national examination.
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