Kansai Nursing College establishes privacy policy on the operation of this website as follows. We abide by the laws and standards applicable on personal information and strive to properly protect personal information of users.


  1. Basic principles

In recognition of the importance of the personal information handled by Kansai Nursing College, and in order to protect that information appropriately, a system and a set of rules have been established, all laws pertaining to personal information, other relevant laws and guidelines published by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology will be strictly adhered to. We declare that every effort will be made to protect personal information belonging to students.


  1. Purpose of personal information usage

Information acquired from our students shall be used for admission decision of students and school business including register control after students enter the school.


  1. Proper collection and use of personal information

(1) In acquiring personal information, we inform or announce by specifying purpose of use, and we properly collect, use and offer personal information based on the purpose of use.
(2) In collecting, using and offering personal information, we obtain consent of the person.
(3) We provide proper management against risks including loss, leak, falsification or unauthorized access of personal information by taking both necessary safety measures and preventive measures, etc.


  1. Practice of ensuring security

(1) Our school defines regulations on personal information protection and provides necessary education in order to keep all teachers and other staff informed about our efforts to protect personal information.
(2) In order to ensure proper efforts on private information protection, we strive for continuous improvement by making assessment and review as necessary.


  1. Contact point for personal information

For questions and inquiries from students themselves concerning personal information within our school, please get in touch with the following contact point.
Request to disclose, correct, delete or make unavailable the same.


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