We strive to facilitate users to lead pleasant lives through warm human relations among users and staff in everyday lives.

Also we aim at increasing exchanges with community members by opening our facilities to the public.



Prevent strokes and fractures.
The first step to eliminate being bedridden.



"Do not help too much but keep your eye on."
Value a willingness to help yourself, the basics of caring.



Keeping a person in bed leads to a person to be bedridden.
Excess rest produces undesirable effects.



Move and help to move from a bed to a wheelchair.
Utilize equipment to widen a range of activities.


Early start of rehabilitation is effective.
Start training in bed.


Install handrails to correct differences in floor heights for comfort.
Renovate your house taking advantage of your needs.


Rehabilitation in daily life starts from meals, toileting and changing clothes.



Find joy at home and in society.
Prevent withdrawal all together.



Get up and first change clothes to keep yourself neat.
Vary the pace of your life by not eating near your bed.



Use functional training day service actively.
Harmony among people, community members to eliminate being bedridden.

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