Introduction of facilities

Hirakata General Hospital for Developmental Disorders Hirakata General Hospital for Developmental Disorders

About Hirakata Campus

Our subject is humanity.
Not sparing each and every effort to bring out richer humanity.
This we believe is the origin of “treatment and education for the whole person”
While looking at the splendor of precious lives.
We move forward into indispensable days step by step together.
In order to encourage spiritual growth of ourselves.
400 beds
40 beds (short-stay)
7 beds (day care)
Tsuda-so Tsuda-so

About Tsuda-so

We strive to facilitate users to lead pleasant lives through warm human relations among users and staff in everyday lives.
Also we aim at increasing exchanges with community members by opening our facilities to the public.
100 beds
Tsuda Ryogoen Tsuda Ryogoen

About Tsuda Ryogoen

Values human rights independence of individual users.Utilizes residual functions and facility functions to support independent lives.Provides places to live with peace of mind, cheerful and homely atmosphere.Aims to provide harty service from the user's standpoint at all times.
100 beds
Kansai Nursing College Kansai Nursing College

300 students